Protect Your Investment With Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealing in Denver, CO is a critical aspect of maintaining the appearance and functionality of your property's concrete surfaces. Sealing helps to protect concrete from damage caused by harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and water penetration, which can cause cracking, staining, and other issues over time. Needless to say, the dramatic weather changes in Denver, Colorado can cause many issues with concrete if the correctĀ preventativeĀ maintenanceĀ isn't applied.

Sealing concrete can also enhance appearance, by deepening the concrete color and leaving a polished, glossy finish. By preventing damage and prolonging the life of your concrete surfaces, sealing can help you save money on costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Sealer is also an eco-friendly option, as it reduces the need for using harsh chemicals or other materials to maintain your concrete surfaces. Overall, concrete sealing is an important investment that can help bring new life into your property's concrete surfaces, while protecting your investment for years to come.

Are you looking to have your concrete re-sealed?

We specialize in stamped concrete sealing and rejuvenation. Our concrete contractors will help bring your concrete back to life with our resealing process within hours of beginning the sealing process. Our team uses special chemicals that are eco-friendly to help remove old concrete sealer. With our concrete chemical wash method, we will be able to successfully power wash and clean your concrete getting it ready for the new sealer layer.

It is important to remove old sealer during the prep for new sealer. Preparing the concrete surface will help remove white stains and bubbles created from sealer damage and sun exposure.

Is concrete sealer glossy?

The truth is all concrete sealers have a shine to them. There are different sealer options that we provide our customers with.

  • Low Gloss Shine
  • Medium Gloss Shine
  • High Gloss Shine

We recommend high gloss shine sealer if you are looking to have an exaggerated concrete color and see the most of your integral concrete color come up and be visible. Medium to low gloss sealers are recommended if you are looking to have a more natural concrete visual.

Before and After Re-Sealing Concrete

  • High Quality Sealer

    At our concrete company we only use the highest grade sealer availible in the market. We donā€™t rush to apply your concrete sealer. We wait to make sure the weather conditions are good enough for a successful seal concrete. The last thing we want to do is deliver a customer with a bad concrete seal installation that will deteriorate within months due to bad climate conditions. Our team is constantly looking at the weather forecast making sure we seal during 50-90 degrees weather permitting. Weather is a very crucial part of concrete sealing and plays a big role with the final product and longevity of the sealer. If the concrere sealer is applied during too hot or too cold conditions, the sealer can cause white spots and major bubbling in the sealer.

  • 30+ Years of Concrete Sealing Experience

    We are one of the only concrete companies in Denver, Colorado to have over 20 employees with extensive experience in concrete sealing. Every single employee at our concrete company is certified and able to provide recommendations and reliable sealing concrete information regarding any concrete project.

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Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Enhance Safety

Concrete sealing can improve the overall safety of your property, by reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents, especially in areas that are exposed to water or other liquids.

Reduce Mold Growth

Concrete sealing can help to reduce the growth of mold and mildew on your concrete surfaces, making them a healthier and safer option for your family and visitors.

Indoor or Outdoor Solution

Concrete sealing can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for maintaining the appearance and functionality of your property's concrete surfaces.

Increases Property Value

Concrete sealing can increase property value by enhancing the curb appeal and visual appeal of the property. It also adds functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces like patios, driveways, and walkways, which can be attractive to potential buyers.