We pour hot tub pads in different shapes and sizes

Our pad installation includes 4.000 PSI concrete, #4 rebar, 6inch depth, caissons, and broom finish for extra grip. We recommend pouring a pad that is at least a few feet larger than the hot tub so you have room to put things down on the concrete.

How long should I wait to put hot tub on the new concrete slab?

Hot tubs can weigh from 4,000lbs-6,000lbs. Depending on the hot tub size you want to make sure your concrete is fully cured before adding the water.  We recommend our customers two weeks after the concrete slab has been poured before they place the tub on the newly poured slab and fill with water.  


Concrete Hot Tub Pad

If you are in the Denver Metro Area and need a hot tub pad poured, contact us today for an estimate!